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International SEO

Achieve top rankings in other languages and make your brand visible abroad.

What is International SEO

International SEO is comparable to geotargeting. Websites must be tailored to each individual location, its language and the search volume in that region. Instead of optimizing a website to attract more views from a specific city or region, you optimize it for different countries and languages. If you know that a good portion of your visitors come from another country or speak different languages, then it’s time to make some changes to your website to create a better user experience for international visitors.


If you want to create a fully internationalized website (i.e. a website that is specifically tailored to a different country and language), the following topics are important for carrying out this “international geotargeting”:

International SEO
hreflang targeting example

A. Specification of your target country or region with a URL structure that is suitable for international SEO (country targeting)

B. Labeling the language used on your pages with language tags (language targeting)

C. Creation and maintenance of content in the language(s) of your target group for Google search results

Sometimes an offer may only be aimed at a specific language or a specific country. In these cases, it may only make sense to work towards one or two of these three goals. For example, if you sell T-shirts with German slogans, both Austria and Switzerland could be relevant for your business. In this case, you could optimize your website for the German language without committing to one country.there are many different ways to implement international SEO on your website. For example, there are different URL structures to indicate to search engines that your website is aimed at a specific country. This includes the use of a country domain, a subdomain, a subdirectory, a generic domain with language parameters or a separate domain. All options have their own advantages and disadvantages and can have different effects on the performance of your website.


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